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Harness Cable
  • Harness Cable

  • Model No.: Wire Harness-6
  • Product Description: Pitch 2.0mm/Pitch 2.5mm/2.54mm Wire Harness 1. Circuits Pitch 2.0 / Pitch 2.5mm: 02*02-02*17 Dual Row Available Pitch 2.54mm:02-40, 2*02-2*40 Single Row or Dual Row Available ...
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Cable Wire Harness
  • Cable Wire Harness

  • Model No.: Wire Harness-4
  • Product Description: Pitch0.8mm Wire Harness Circuits:02-22 Pitch:0.8mm Current Rating:0.5A AC/DC(AWG#32) or0.2A AC/DC(AWG#36) Voltage Rating:30V AC/DC Co...
  • Related Keywords: Wire Harness Cable Wire Harness 
DC Harness
  • DC Harness

  • Model No.: Wire Harness-2
  • Product Description: DC power Jack Wire Harness DC Power to Housing Wire Harness. Connector Gender: Male or Female Center Pin Size: 2.5mm or 2.1mm Outside diameter...
  • Related Keywords: Wire Harness DC Harness 
Cable Harness
  • Cable Harness

  • Model No.: Wire Harness-7
  • Product Description: Pitch 3.0mm/Pitch 3.96mm/Pitch 4.2mm/Pitch 5.08mm 1. Circuits Pitch 3.0mm: 1*02-1-12, 2*01-2*12 Single Row or Dual Row Available Pitch 3.96mm: 2-16 Single Row Available P...
  • Related Keywords: Wire Harness Cable Harness 
Cable Harnesses
  • Cable Harnesses

  • Model No.: Wire Harness-5
  • Product Description: Pitch1.0mm/ Pitch 1.25mm/ Pitch 1.5mm Wire Harness 1. Circuits Pitch 1.0mm: 02-20, 2x05-2x25 Single Row or Dual Row Available Pitch 1.25mm: 02-30 Single Row Available Pitch 1...
  • Related Keywords: Wire Harness Cable Harnesses 
AC Wire Harness
  • AC Wire Harness

  • Model No.: Wire Harness-1
  • Product Description: AC Socket Wire Harness 1. Panel mount AC Power outlet to power housing and ground terminal wire harness. 2. Fix to the case with screws durably. 3. AC power outlet specification...
  • Related Keywords: Wire Harness AC Wire Harness 
Cable Harness Assembly
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