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ESATA Panel Mount Cable
  • ESATA Panel Mount Cable

  • Model No.: SATA Cable-17
  • Product Description: Panel Mount e-SATA Cable Panel mount e-SATA cable features an e-SATA male connector on one end, and an SATA molded connector on the other, providing a well-secured, easy...
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E-SATA Cable
  • E-SATA Cable

  • Model No.: SATA Cable-16
  • Product Description: Supports SATAII data transfer speeds of up to 3Gbps. This shielded e-SATA cable offers a high quality connection between a desktop or laptop computer and externa...
  • Related Keywords: SATA Cables E-SATA Cable 
SATA Combo Cable
  • SATA Combo Cable

  • Model No.: SATA Cable-15
  • Product Description: Panel Mount SATA Combo Cable Supports SATA II speeds of up to 3Gbps and backward compliant with SATA 1.5Gbps. Panel mount type provides well-secured function. ...
  • Related Keywords: SATA Cables SATA Combo Cable 
Panel Mount SATA Cable
  • Panel Mount SATA Cable

  • Model No.: SATA Cable-14
  • Product Description: Panel Mount SATA Combo Cable Support SATA connectors on the motherboard, compliant with SATA I and SATA II Standards. Ferrite provides maximum protection agains...
  • Related Keywords: SATA Cables Panel Mount SATA Cable 
SATA Cable Right Angle
  • SATA Cable Right Angle

  • Model No.: SATA Cable-13
  • Product Description: SATA 22PIN Combo Cable Straight to Right angle 22Pin SATA Power and Data Extension Cable enables you to extend the reach between internal SATA power and data connections...
  • Related Keywords: SATA Cables SATA Cable Right Angle 
Slimline SATA Adapter Cable
Slimline SATA Cable
  • Slimline SATA Cable

  • Model No.: SATA Cable-11
  • Product Description: Slimline SATA 13(7+6) Pin cable with power socket offers an easy and convenient solution for for all mini PC system which uses 12.7mm SATA laptop drives. For 3Gb...
  • Related Keywords: SATA Cables Slimline SATA Cable 
Power SATA Cable
  • Power SATA Cable

  • Model No.: SATA Cable-10
  • Product Description: SATA Power Cable Crimp Type 4 pin IDE to 2 Serial ATA SATA Power Cables. SATA Power Splitter Cable Adapter features two Serial ATA power (female) connectors and...
  • Related Keywords: SATA Cables Power SATA Cable 
SATA Power Cables
  • SATA Power Cables

  • Model No.: SATA Cable-9
  • Product Description: SATA Power Cable IDC Type Simply & easily turns a Molex/IDE/ATA power cable into a SATA power cable. Ideal for adding fast SATA drives to a PC with an older power supply...
  • Related Keywords: SATA Cables SATA Power Cables 
SATA Connector Cable
  • SATA Connector Cable

  • Model No.: SATA Cable-8
  • Product Description: SATA Power Cable Molded Type SATA power cable provides power connection from the AT power supply to three SATA devices in a multi-connections. Each SATA connector is mad...
  • Related Keywords: SATA Cables SATA Connector Cable 
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