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LVDS Flat Cable
  • LVDS Flat Cable

  • Model No.: LVDS Cable-5
  • Product Description: I-PEX LVDS Flat Cable 0.5mm Pitch Horizontal type 20453. Applications are for AV equipment / Medical equipment / Digital measurement instrument / Robot / Indust...
  • Related Keywords: LVDS Cable LVDS Flat Cable 
  • IPEX LVDS Cable

  • Model No.: LVDS Cable-4
  • Product Description: I-PEX LVDS Cable 0.5mm Pitch Right angle type 20453. Improved transmission efficiency, High level EMI shield performance and multi point ground. Applic...
  • Related Keywords: LVDS Cable IPEX LVDS Cable 
LVDS Cable Connector
  • LVDS Cable Connector

  • Model No.: LVDS Cable-3
  • Product Description: Flat LVDS Cable LVDS is being adapted for very low-power applications, such as a remote base station depending on wind- or sun-generated power. This is ground-referenced...
  • Related Keywords: LVDS Cable LVDS Cable Connector 
LVDS Display Cable
  • LVDS Display Cable

  • Model No.: LVDS Cable-2
  • Product Description: Splitter LVDS Cable LVDS is widespread adoption across a variety of applications in consumer and military areas such as LCD Board, Industrial Machine, Notebook, Tablet a...
  • Related Keywords: LVDS Cable LVDS Display Cable 
LVDS Extension Cable
  • LVDS Extension Cable

  • Model No.: LVDS Cable-1
  • Product Description: LVDS Cable Low-voltage differential signaling cable. The applications for LVDS expanded to flat panel displays for consumer TVs as screen resolutions and color ...
  • Related Keywords: LVDS Cable LVDS Extension Cable 
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