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Wooden Screws
  • Wooden Screws

  • Model No.: SW-4
  • Product Description: The coarse thread (wider thread pitch) is a kind of characteristic of wood screws. The screws have to coexist with broken wood fiber in the limited space when driving. The coars...
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Wood Fasteners
  • Wood Fasteners

  • Model No.: SW-3
  • Product Description: With the environmental protection consciousness increase, the screws which design for composite board (blend wood chips in resin and anti-corrosion function) was created with mu...
  • Related Keywords: Wood Screws Wood Fasteners 
Security Wood Screws
  • Security Wood Screws

  • Model No.: SW-2
  • Product Description: The extra cutting tail design able to enhance the destruction in wood fiber, it help the screws work smoother during it driving into the article. The split sign might be reduce ...
  • Related Keywords: Wood Screws Security Wood Screws 
Small Wood Screws
  • Small Wood Screws

  • Model No.: SW-1
  • Product Description: Wood screws is designed to be a tight connection parts between wood and wood. To reduce the space in the middle of wood, it has unthread portion on the upper shank of screws. Th...
  • Related Keywords: Wood Screws Small Wood Screws 
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