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Low Carbon Steel Wire
  • Low Carbon Steel Wire

  • Model No.: Wire-SCM440
  • Product Description: SCM440 belongs to ally structure steel, it has better mechanical properties than carbon steel. It is the stable material with good hardenability, malleability, and weldability a...
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Mild Steel Wire
  • Mild Steel Wire

  • Model No.: Wire-SCM435
  • Product Description: SCM435 is an alloy structure steels, it is the main structural parts in high-load work environment. It can bear high temperature about 500 degrees centigrade with good impact re...
  • Related Keywords: Steel Wire Mild Steel Wire 
Carbon Steel Wire
  • Carbon Steel Wire

  • Model No.: Wire-1022
  • Product Description: Production flow chart: Intermediate drawing→spheroidzing→pickling and coating skinpass→inspection→packing&shipping. The wire 1022 is the popular material in small screws prod...
  • Related Keywords: Steel Wire Carbon Steel Wire 
Steel Wire Rod
  • Steel Wire Rod

  • Model No.: Wire-1008
  • Product Description: The manufacturing process of our spheroidizing annealing wire is using cold heading quality wire rod as the base material through four steps as intermediate drawing, spheroidiza...
  • Related Keywords: Steel Wire Steel Wire Rod 
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