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Screw Self Drilling
  • Screw Self Drilling

  • Model No.: SK-4
  • Product Description: Self-drilling screws (Tek screws) is a quite useful product. No predrilled necessary before using. It can lock steel-steel and steel-wood sheet (plate) with different drilling p...
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Self Drilling Fasteners
Self Drill Screw
  • Self Drill Screw

  • Model No.: SK-2
  • Product Description: Self-drilling screw has been designed two wings which used in drilling wood board plus iron plate. The function of the two wings is to cut off wood fibers when drilling screws t...
  • Related Keywords: Self-drilling Screws Self Drill Screw 
Roofing Screws
  • Roofing Screws

  • Model No.: SK-1
  • Product Description: Self-drilling screws have several functions in one screw, drilling-tapping-tightening in one time. Basically, self-drilling screw has drilling test within the standard speed tim...
  • Related Keywords: Self-drilling Screws Roofing Screws 
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