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Small Self Tapping Screws
Tapping Screws
  • Tapping Screws

  • Model No.: ST-3
  • Product Description: Self-tapping screws can be roughly classified into four methods of production: thread forming tapping screws, thread cutting tapping screws, thread rolling tapping screws, self-...
  • Related Keywords: Self-tapping Screws Tapping Screws 
Self Tapper Screws
  • Self Tapper Screws

  • Model No.: ST-2
  • Product Description: Self-tapping screws can apply on several kinds of products such as indoor decoration, window setting, and door fixing around the home area. It also can easy to be found in publi...
  • Related Keywords: Self-tapping Screws Self Tapper Screws 
Tapping Screw
  • Tapping Screw

  • Model No.: ST-1
  • Product Description: Self-tapping screw is a kind of creativity screws. It can drive without predrill hole on the wood or metal articles. Its male thread can create female thread to cooperate by its...
  • Related Keywords: Self-tapping Screws Tapping Screw 
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