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Specialty Machine Screws
  • Specialty Machine Screws

  • Model No.: SM-DIN912-2
  • Product Description: The design of machine screw is based on the standard from different country. Basically, the advantage of machine screws is easy to assemble and disassemble. The screws hole of D...
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Hex Head Machine Screw
  • Hex Head Machine Screw

  • Model No.: SM-DIN912-1
  • Product Description: Machine screws could be used widely in the assembly of machine, automotive parts, motorcycle parts, bicycle parts, and so on. It is a convenient operation screws with tightness ...
  • Related Keywords: Machine Screws Hex Head Machine Screw 
Hex Machine Screw
  • Hex Machine Screw

  • Model No.: SM-DIN931
  • Product Description: DIN931 is machine screws (partial thread), this type of machine screws will keep a part of non-thread distance. The style of head is hexagon, it needs to use Hex Wrench to opera...
  • Related Keywords: Machine Screws Hex Machine Screw 
Small Machine Screws
  • Small Machine Screws

  • Model No.: SM-DIN933
  • Product Description: Machine screws specifications are based on the international standard. It is often used on the machine equipment and predrill necessary. The emphasis is the type of thread that ...
  • Related Keywords: Machine Screws Small Machine Screws 
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