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Concrete Fastener
  • Concrete Fastener

  • Model No.: SN-4
  • Product Description: Concrete screw has special thread type. The thread is often designed by high-low thread with cutting line. The key function is to make the screws fasten on the object. It has...
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Small Concrete Screws
  • Small Concrete Screws

  • Model No.: SN-3
  • Product Description: Concrete screw is easy to recognize. The tail may be a sharp point or a diamond point (4 cutting surfaces). Concrete screw is firm and solid because it was strengthened by heati...
  • Related Keywords: Concrete Screws Small Concrete Screws 
Best Concrete Screws
  • Best Concrete Screws

  • Model No.: SN-2
  • Product Description: Concrete screws have different use than tapping screws. Before using concrete screw, it needs to predrill an appropriate hole and clean the powder in the hole. Concrete screw...
  • Related Keywords: Concrete Screws Best Concrete Screws 
Concrete Fasteners
  • Concrete Fasteners

  • Model No.: SN-1
  • Product Description: Concrete screw, as it was named, can be used on cement and other hard material, such as bricks or stones. The common appearance has yellow zinc plated and blue coating. Head:...
  • Related Keywords: Concrete Screws Concrete Fasteners 
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