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Collated Fasteners
  • Collated Fasteners

  • Model No.: Collated-4
  • Product Description: The advantage of collated screws users will feel their work easy than before, the screws without pick up time to time. The operators can save time and reduce the working risk, t...
  • Related Keywords: Collated Screws Plastic Collated Coil Nails 
Plastic Collated Nails
  • Plastic Collated Nails

  • Model No.: Collated-3
  • Product Description: The request of collated screws quality is very high, the high quality screws able to maintain the continuous work smoothly. Then, screws tooling gun are be allowed to screw it i...
  • Related Keywords: Collated Screws Plastic Collated Nails 
Collated Nail
  • Collated Nail

  • Model No.: Collated-2
  • Product Description: To satisfy continuously screws working necessary, collated screws can work with many kinds of screws gun. Many professional user love the stability, continuity, and effectivenes...
  • Related Keywords: Collated Screws Collated Nail 
Collated Nails
  • Collated Nails

  • Model No.: Collated-1
  • Product Description: Collated screw is suitable for the sheet attached to wood or steel reinforced construction fasteners on widely used for decoration, furniture industry and other packaging option...
  • Related Keywords: Collated Screws Collated Nails 
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