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Chipboard Fastener
  • Chipboard Fastener

  • Model No.: SC-4
  • Product Description: It is made from wood chips and resin. This is what called Middle Density Fiber (Chipboard). This kind of board/material is used for most of furniture and cabinet nowadays. It co...
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Chip Board Screw
  • Chip Board Screw

  • Model No.: SC-3
  • Product Description: Chipboard screws are suit for the plate that made from wood chips and resin. Due to its shank is thinner and pitch is wider than other screws, so per-drilling is no need and eas...
  • Related Keywords: Chipboard Screws Chip Board Screw 
Chipboard Fasteners
  • Chipboard Fasteners

  • Model No.: SC-2
  • Product Description: In Europe, chipboard is the most popular fastener items. This screws is used for composite board, therefore, its design is different, the angle of thread is 40°, and the pitch is...
  • Related Keywords: Chipboard Screws Chipboard Fasteners 
Chip Board Screws
  • Chip Board Screws

  • Model No.: SC-1
  • Product Description: Chipboard is recognized to wood screws sometimes. However, owing to the density of using/testing plate is not so thick, the thread is serried, and the shank of non-thread is thi...
  • Related Keywords: Chipboard Screws Chip Board Screws 
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