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Conductive Screws
  • Conductive Screws

  • Model No.: Conductive Screws / Bolts
  • Product Description: Electro static discharge can be categorized into three: Anti-static (10e9-10e12), Static Dissipative (10e6-10e10), and Conductive (10e3-10e6) which is separated by its ranges of...
  • Related Keywords: Plastic Fastener Conductive Screws 
Anti Static Screws
  • Anti Static Screws

  • Model No.: Anti-Static Screws / Bolts
  • Product Description: If electrostatic discharge (ESD) occurs, the result can range from a mild to a painful shock to a human and damage seriously to sensitive electronic parts, especially during man...
  • Related Keywords: Plastic Fastener Anti Static Screws 
Seat Ring
  • Seat Ring

  • Model No.: PEEK Seat ring
  • Product Description: Seat rings are widely specified for oil and gas applications where operating conditions are stringent. PEEK has many advantages over nylon and PTFE, with one material replaci...
  • Related Keywords: PEEK Parts Seat Ring 
Plastic Roller
  • Plastic Roller

  • Model No.: PEEK Roller
  • Product Description: PEEK is a kind of heat-resistant, high performance thermoplastic special engineering plastics. It has good mechanical properties and chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, an...
  • Related Keywords: PEEK Parts Plastic Roller 
Plastic Pins
  • Plastic Pins

  • Model No.: PEEK Pin
  • Product Description: Characteristics: Strong and stiff plastic Outstanding chemical resistance Good mechanical properties at elevated temperatures Resistant to ...
  • Related Keywords: PEEK Parts Plastic Pins 
  • PEEK Part

  • Model No.: PEEK Roller
  • Product Description: Link Upon can make custom PEEK Machined Parts to your specifications. Material: 1. PEEK is an abbreviation for polyetheretherketone, a high performance engineering plastic. ...
  • Related Keywords: PEEK Parts PEEK Part 
PP Fastener
  • PP Fastener

  • Model No.: PPGF Screws / Bolts
  • Product Description: PPGF is with Glass Fiber reinforced PP (Polypropylene). PPGF features: • High mechanical strength • Low shrinkage • Heat & Creep resistance • Light weight • Non magnetic...
  • Related Keywords: Plastic Fasteners PP Fastener 
PVDF  Fasteners
  • PVDF Fasteners

  • Model No.: PVDF Screws / Bolts
  • Product Description: PVDF features: Chemical inert to most acids, aliphatic and aromatic organic compounds, chlorinated solvents, alcohols, etc. Very high purity Abrasion r...
  • Related Keywords: Plastic Fasteners  PVDF Fasteners 
PPS Fastener
  • PPS Fastener

  • Model No.: PPS Screws / Bolts
  • Product Description: PPS features: PPS has excellent heat-resistance and enables continuous use at 240°C. High strength and stiffness maintains heat-resistance strength Ex...
  • Related Keywords: Plastic Fasteners PPS Fastener 
PEEK Fasteners
  • PEEK Fasteners

  • Model No.: PEEK Screws / Bolts
  • Product Description: PEEK features: Exceptional chemical resistance to acids, bases, hydrocarbons and organic solvents High mechanical strength in excess of 250°C (482°F) Ver...
  • Related Keywords: Plastic Fasteners PEEK Fasteners 
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