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Breast Heating Pad
  • Breast Heating Pad

  • Model No.: NA118-3
  • Product Description: The Energy Breast Pad releases deep penetrating 9-10 micron far infrared rays like those that are of the same wavelength produced by the human body give rise to resonance which ...
  • Related Keywords: Infrared Mat Breast Heating Pad 
Knee Therapy Wrap
  • Knee Therapy Wrap

  • Model No.: NA114
  • Product Description: A cluster of deep penetrating far infrared rays going deep into the body can make the body's molecular structure produce harmonic molecular vibrations. This resonance reaches a ...
  • Related Keywords: Infrared Mat Knee Therapy Wrap 
Therapy Belt
  • Therapy Belt

  • Model No.: NA112
  • Product Description: The PEW Energy Waist Belt promotes blood circulation and metabolism, purifiesthe blood helping toexpel toxins through the urine and sweat. Moreoever, it can remove excessive fat...
  • Related Keywords: Infrared Mat Therapy Belt 
Heated Wrist Wrap
  • Heated Wrist Wrap

  • Model No.: Y115-1
  • Product Description: The PEW Energy Wrist Wrap contains 9-10 micron deep penetrating far infrared ray releasing chips that can promote circulation in the hand and raising the temperature. This "ther...
  • Related Keywords: Infrared Mat Heated Wrist Wrap 
Therapy Neck Wrap
  • Therapy Neck Wrap

  • Model No.: NA113
  • Product Description: Many people are afflicted with respiratory diseases such as cough, dyspnea (shortness of breath) and asthma. The PEW Energy Neck Wrap releases 9-10 micron deep penetrating far i...
  • Related Keywords: Infrared Mat Therapy Neck Wrap 
Energy Pillow
  • Energy Pillow

  • Model No.: 103-2
  • Product Description: The PEW Energy Pillow Pad improves circulation to the head and neck areas making blood flow more smoothly. It can reduce stiffness and tension in the neck which in turn aids in ...
  • Related Keywords: Infrared Mat Energy Pillow 
Energy Mattress
  • Energy Mattress

  • Model No.: 111-1
  • Product Description: The PEW Energy Mattress has 108 chips that release deep penetrating far infrared rays. Use it during sleep to regulate the body's functions. Great for improving sleep disorders ...
  • Related Keywords: Infrared Mat Energy Mattress 
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