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Heat Therapy Knee Wrap
Eye Mask Massager
  • Eye Mask Massager

  • Model No.: NA303
  • Product Description: Using the PEW Power Eye mask daily and nightly will relieve presbyopia, myodesopsia(floaters), xerophthalmia (drying of the eyes), and other chronic eye ailments caused by aging...
  • Related Keywords: Infrared Heating Pads Eye Mask Massager 
Electric Face Mask
  • Electric Face Mask

  • Model No.: NA301
  • Product Description: This Face Mask can promote formation of collagen by endothelial cells and fibroblasts , thus promoting self-healing of the skin. Thus, having a significant effect on restoration...
  • Related Keywords: Infrared Heating Pads Electric Face Mask 
Executive Chair
  • Executive Chair

  • Model No.: NA517
  • Product Description: The everyday office worker commonly experiences poor circulation in their lower body. In addition, poor circulation is associated with muscle tension in the spine, lumbar verteb...
  • Related Keywords: Infrared Heating Pads Massage Executive Chair 
Heated Car Cushion
  • Heated Car Cushion

  • Model No.: NA518
  • Product Description: By using deep penetrating 9-10 micron far infrared rays similar to the energy naturally produced by the humany body, a synchronized resonance can be produce that will elevate th...
  • Related Keywords: Infrared Heating Pads Heated Car Cushion 
Power Belts
  • Power Belts

  • Model No.: SA300-1
  • Product Description: The PEW Power Waist reduces and alleviates inflammation, relaxes nerve, pain and muscle tension, at the same time, it can firm up abdominal muscles. .A cluster of deep penetra...
  • Related Keywords: Infrared Heating Pads Massage Belt 
Power Master
  • Power Master

  • Model No.: 9021
  • Product Description: Everyone has cancer cells in their body. There are three main reasons for cancer cell production: 1. Chemical contamination 2. Viral infection 3. Radiation damage causing pathol...
  • Related Keywords: Infrared Heating Pads Power Massager 
Power Mattress
  • Power Mattress

  • Model No.: 508
  • Product Description: When the automonic nervous system becomes imbalanced due to changes in work and rest, anxiey, nervousness or depression, this can lead to dysautonomia. Work-related stress, long...
  • Related Keywords: Infrared Heating Pads Power Mattress 
Power Rocker Recliner
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