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Car Heated Seat Cushion
  • Car Heated Seat Cushion

  • Model No.: NA518
  • Product Description: The “thermal effect” of deep penetrating far infrared rays reduces fatigue caused by long drives. It can also promote blood circulation and alleviate soreness and aches in the b...
  • Related Keywords: Infrared Chair Car Heated Seat Cushion 
Best Executive Chair
  • Best Executive Chair

  • Model No.: NA517
  • Product Description: The PEW Executive Chair can promote blood circulation and metabolism. Problems with poor circulation and muscles soreness from sitting in the office for long periods affecting t...
  • Related Keywords: Infrared Chair Best Executive Chair 
Health Chair
  • Health Chair

  • Model No.: H767
  • Product Description: According to our clinical research findings, the PEW Medical Health Recliner can release deep penetrating 9-10 micron far infrared rays into the body allowing adult stem cells (...
  • Related Keywords: Infrared Chair Heated Massage Chair 
Medical Chair
  • Medical Chair

  • Model No.: M700
  • Product Description: One out of ten thousand cells in the body are adult stem cells (ASC) However, due to deterioration with age, as much as 95% of these ASC in adult bodies are in a state of hiber...
  • Related Keywords: Infrared Chair Infrared Massage Chair 
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