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Far Infrared Belt
  • Far Infrared Belt

  • Model No.: SA112-3
  • Product Description: This waist belt of right thickness is designed with female users in mind for all types of outings. During the period of menstruation, which is often accompanied with waist soren...
  • Related Keywords: Infrared Belt Far Infrared Belt 
Heating Waist Belt
  • Heating Waist Belt

  • Model No.: SA300-1
  • Product Description: The PEW Power Waist releases energy at a wavelength similar to the energy naturally released by the human body. Moreover, a cluster of deep penetrating far infrared rays going d...
  • Related Keywords: Infrared Belt Heating Waist Belt 
Far Infrared Waist Belt
  • Far Infrared Waist Belt

  • Model No.: NA112-1
  • Product Description: Every living creature emits a fixed wavelength of energy. The human body emits an energy with a wavelength of 9.35 microns . The PEW Energy Waist Belt contains chips that releas...
  • Related Keywords: Infrared Belt Far Infrared Waist Belt 
Infrared Waist Belt
  • Infrared Waist Belt

  • Model No.: NA112
  • Product Description: Those who work in offices often sit for long hours without moving. Over time, this will cause fat buildup around the waist and buttocks and make for poor blood circulation. Th...
  • Related Keywords: Infrared Belt Infrared Waist Belt 
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