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Massager Pad
  • Massager Pad

  • Model No.: SA976
  • Product Description: The PEW Massager Pad can be used anywhere on the body. It can promote blood circulation and metabolism, alleviate inflammation and pain, relax nerves and muscles, strengthen imm...
  • Related Keywords: Far Infrared Bed Massager Pad 
Far Infrared Mattress
  • Far Infrared Mattress

  • Model No.: 111-1
  • Product Description: The PEW Energy Mattress can strengthen the body's immunity, alleviate muscle tension, promote blood circulation, and improve insomnia as well as increase oxygen levels in the bo...
  • Related Keywords: Far Infrared Bed Far Infrared Mattress 
Infrared Mattress
  • Infrared Mattress

  • Model No.: 508
  • Product Description: Many people suffer from sleep disorders or chronic fatigue syndrome. These are both responsible for problems arising with the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Because of people's...
  • Related Keywords: Far Infrared Bed Infrared Mattress 
  • Powermaster

  • Model No.: 9021
  • Product Description: This QiGong Master can be used anywhere on the body for reinforced, localized use. By promoting blood circulation and metabolism, alleviating inflammation and aches, relaxing ne...
  • Related Keywords: Far Infrared Bed Heat Therapy Massager 
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