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Optical Fiber Array
  • Optical Fiber Array

  • Model No.: Array-FR
  • Product Description: Model: FR-15MLD-20 Free cut Array Fiber Side view fiberDatasheet:*Fiber Type:Multiple Core *Sensing distance(BR2/L999):40mm *Operate temperature:-55℃~+70℃ *Minimum bending radi...
  • Related Keywords: Fiber Array Optical Fiber Array 
Fiber Optic Array
  • Fiber Optic Array

  • Model No.: Array-FT
  • Product Description: Model: FTX-35D-20 Free cut Side view fiberDatasheet:*Fiber Type:Long Sensing Distance *Sensing distance(BR2/L999):1000mm *Operate temperature:-55℃~+70℃ *Minimum bending radius:R...
  • Related Keywords: Fiber Array Fiber Optic Array 
Optics Fibre Array
  • Optics Fibre Array

  • Model No.: Array-PR
  • Product Description: Fiber Type: Multiple CoreModel: PR-20ML-20 Free cutSensing distance(BR2 / L999): 140mmOperate temperature: -55℃ ~ +70℃Minimum bending radius: R5Fiber diameter: OD= Ø2.2 ID = Ø0.26...
  • Related Keywords: Fiber Array Optics Fibre Array 
Fiber Optics Array
  • Fiber Optics Array

  • Model No.: Array-PT
  • Product Description: RiKO innovation design, patent number: M368808 / M380485Fiber Type: Multiple CoreModel: PT-20ML-20 Free cut Sensing distance(BR2 / L999): 1000mmOperate temperature: -55℃ ~ +70℃M...
  • Related Keywords: Fiber Array Fiber Optics Array 
Long Range Sensors
  • Long Range Sensors

  • Model No.: ASP40
  • Product Description: Characteristic:• CW.and CCW.sensing options.• Big and bright LED output indicator.• NPN/PNP embeded outputs.• Innovative 2 types of signal pulse.◆ SpecificationsModelNPNorPNPL.o...
  • Related Keywords: Fiber Array Fiber Optics Array 
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Company Name www.inductive-proximity-sensors.com
Country/Region Taiwan
City New Taipei City
Address Zhonghe Dist.,
Telephone +886-2-12344321
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