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Luer Needle
  • Luer Needle

  • Model No.: b5
  • Product Description: Model: b5Luer NeedlesSpecifications: 1.high quality and best price2.disposable syringe 60cc luer lock tip w/o needle3.ce%iso certificationMore details please contact us, thank y...
  • Related Keywords: Needle Holder  
Safety Needle
  • Safety Needle

  • Model No.: b4
  • Product Description: Model:b4Safety NeedlesSpecifications: 1.With the aid of a solid support,the safety cap closes over the needle. 2.A clearly audible "Click" indicates that the safety mechanism ha...
  • Related Keywords: Needle Holder  
Safety Butterfly Needles
  • Safety Butterfly Needles

  • Model No.: b3
  • Product Description: Model: b3Safety Butterfly NeedleSpecifications: 1.The Safety Blood Collection Set with integrated needle protection is an important contribution to avoiding needlestick injuries...
  • Related Keywords: Needle Holder  
Multiple Needle
  • Multiple Needle

  • Model No.: b2
  • Product Description: Model: b2Multiple Needles1.Bevel angle is carefully calculated to provide resistance that allows easy penetration and prevents discomfort to patients.2.Mediplus Multiple Needles...
  • Related Keywords: Needle Holder  
Injection Needles
  • Injection Needles

  • Model No.: b1
  • Product Description: Model:b1Injection NeedlesProduct Feature:1.the view window is coloured red due to the blood flow.2.+CE, ISO certificates 3.The Mediplus Flashback Needle with optical venipunctur...
  • Related Keywords: Needle Holder  
Safety Lancets
  • Safety Lancets

  • Model No.: A17
  • Product Description: Model: A17Safety LancetsProduct Feature:Each lancet is with needle protective cap.Compatible with the lancet device.Sterile, single use only. 1.Easy-to-use No pre-loading2.Effic...
  • Related Keywords: Needle Holder  
Safety Lancet
  • Safety Lancet

  • Model No.: SL
  • Product Description: Model: SLSafety LancetsProduct Feature:1.Easy-to-use No pre-loading2.Efficient design ensures adequate blood volume3.with minimal pain Guaranteed to lance the first time4.Safe, ...
  • Related Keywords: Needle Holder  
Carrier Tube
  • Carrier Tube

  • Model No.: CT-03
  • Product Description: Model: CT-03Carrier TubeProduct Feature:Our high-quality tubes are featured with Safety, Convenience QuicknessAccuracy Save your time, improve your efficiency.Specifications: Co...
  • Related Keywords: Needle Holder  
Safety Needles
  • Safety Needles

  • Model No.: QSN-01
  • Product Description: Model: QSN-01Safety NeedlesSpecifications: Disposable Safety Needles 1.Safe protector cap can shield the cannula after use 2.OEM term 3.CE&ISO qualified4.The safety cap is activ...
  • Related Keywords: Needle Holder  
Luer Needles
  • Luer Needles

  • Model No.: LN
  • Product Description: Model: LNLuer NeedlesSpecifications: 1.disposable syringe 60cc luer lock tip w/o needle2.high quality and best price3.ce%iso certificationMore details please contact us, thank y...
  • Related Keywords: Needle Holder  
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