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ESR Racks
  • ESR Racks

  • Model No.: d3
  • Product Description: Model: d3ESR RackSpecifications:ESR plastic tube rackAdvantage Gongdong ESR detector have a particular organic glass structure that make the ESR tubes fixed fast and simply,prom...
  • Related Keywords: Blood Collection Set  
  • Tourniquet

  • Model No.: d2
  • Product Description: Model: d2TourniquetsSpecifications: Medical Tourniquet 1.Eco-friendly Material 2.Top Manufacturer3.ISO13485:2003,CE,FDA 4.Features and Benefits5.Simple Operation6.Comfortable & ...
  • Related Keywords: Blood Collection Set  
Sharp Container
  • Sharp Container

  • Model No.: d1
  • Product Description: Model: d1Sharps ContainerA leak proof and puncture resistant pp container is designed to collect, store and dispose of medical waste. It has a unique and permanently locking sna...
  • Related Keywords: Vacuum Blood Tube  
Safety Holder
  • Safety Holder

  • Model No.: c4
  • Product Description: Model: c4Safety HolderSpecifications: 1.ISO, CE certificates2.blood collection tube needle holder 3.Material: PP 4.different kinds of holder are available The Quick Shield Holde...
  • Related Keywords: Vacuum Blood Tube  
Quick Release Holder
  • Quick Release Holder

  • Model No.: c3
  • Product Description: Model: c3Quick Release HolderThe Quick Release Holder allows for a safer ejection of the needle in a disposal box by pushing lightly on the trigger mechanism,with no further man...
  • Related Keywords: Blood Sample Tube  
Vacutainer Holder
  • Vacutainer Holder

  • Model No.: c2
  • Product Description: Model: c2Vacutainer Holder1.Optical control of blood flow2.Off-centre adapter – ideal angle for venipuncture 3.Can be used with Luer needles 4.Winged needle does not require an ...
  • Related Keywords: Blood Sample Tube  
Needle Caps
  • Needle Caps

  • Model No.: c1
  • Product Description: Model:c1Needle CapsSpecifications: 1.Material: PP 2.ISO, CE certificates3.blood collection needle holder4.blood collection tube needle holder 5.different kinds of holder are ava...
  • Related Keywords: Serum Separator Tube  
Luer Adapters
  • Luer Adapters

  • Model No.: b6
  • Product Description: Model:b6Luer AdapterSpecifications: 1.The inner wall of needle is extremely smooth and needle wall is thin enough2.It can decrease patient’s pain to lowest extent.3.Sharpness, s...
  • Related Keywords: Blood Sample Tube  
Luer Needle
  • Luer Needle

  • Model No.: b5
  • Product Description: Model: b5Luer NeedlesSpecifications: 1.high quality and best price2.disposable syringe 60cc luer lock tip w/o needle3.ce%iso certificationMore details please contact us, thank y...
  • Related Keywords: Needle Holder  
Safety Needle
  • Safety Needle

  • Model No.: b4
  • Product Description: Model:b4Safety NeedlesSpecifications: 1.With the aid of a solid support,the safety cap closes over the needle. 2.A clearly audible "Click" indicates that the safety mechanism ha...
  • Related Keywords: Needle Holder  
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