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BOPP Self Adhesive Tape
  • BOPP Self Adhesive Tape

  • Model No.: CST-1
  • Product Description: Put Your Carton Sealing Tape to Work!You can seal your cartons with basic unprinted adhesive packaging tape and ship them along with countless other businesses that are doing th...
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BOPP Sealing Tape
  • BOPP Sealing Tape

  • Model No.: BOPP-3
  • Product Description: SPECIFICATION:ItemBOPP Sealing TapeBacking MaterialBOPP filmAdhesiveAcrylic Water BasedThickness38micron ~ 65micron etcLengthAvailable as customer requirementWidth24mm, 36mm, 42...
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BOPP Packing Tapes
  • BOPP Packing Tapes

  • Model No.: BOPP-1
  • Product Description: 1. Advantage:1) Our products meet the SGS, ISO9001:2008 certificate and approval.2) Excellent adhesion, high tension stress, strong climate adaptability.3) Quality is the priori...
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Transparent Packing Tape
  • Transparent Packing Tape

  • Model No.: TWPT-1
  • Product Description: Feature:1) Tape common thickness is 40 u / 45 u / 50 u / 55 u etc. Also available to produce the tape with other different thickness and adhesiveness according to customer requi...
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BOPP Clear Tape
  • BOPP Clear Tape

  • Model No.: 7400-1
  • Product Description: Guangzhou Kenill Industry Co.,ltd. is a manufacture of every kinds of tapes. Selling and exporting various adhesive tapes, such as Bopp clear tape, Double sided tape, EVA Foam a...
  • Related Keywords: Bopp Tape  
Printed Packing Tape
  • Printed Packing Tape

  • Model No.: PPT-1
  • Product Description: Material componentsThe transparent polypropylene (BOPP) film as the backing material coated the water-based acrylic adhesive on single side.Feature1. The common use width is abo...
  • Related Keywords: Bopp Tape  
BOPP Tapes
  • BOPP Tapes

  • Model No.: BT-1
  • Product Description: ApplicationEspecially suitable for the cartons sealing in various industries; the banding and fixation of industrial products and daily use objects etc.About usGuangzhou Kenill ...
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Adhesive BOPP Tape
  • Adhesive BOPP Tape

  • Model No.: WAABT
  • Product Description: Water Acrylic Adhesive BOPP Tape Best Quality1.Reference dataBase MaterialBOPP Film(Biaxillary Oriented Poly Propylene Film)Adhesive CoatingEmulsion Pressure Sensitive Water Bas...
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BOPP Packing Tape
  • BOPP Packing Tape

  • Model No.: BAT-1
  • Product Description: FeatureModerate adhesiveness, good ageing resistance and excellent tensile strength; has a wild application and can meet the individual and special requirements on carton packag...
  • Related Keywords: Bopp Tape  
BOPP Printed Tape
  • BOPP Printed Tape

  • Model No.: 7403-FX050
  • Product Description: 2012 Hot Sale !!! SGS Certificated BOPP Printed Tape for marketing promotionGuangzhou Kenill Industry Co.,ltd. is a manufacture of every kinds of tapes. Selling and exporting va...
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