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Industrial Adhesive Tape
  • Industrial Adhesive Tape

  • Model No.: kraft-03
  • Product Description: Brown reinforced self adhesive kraft paper tape for packing(7226)Guangzhou Kenill Industry Co.,ltd. is a manufacture of every kinds of tapes. Selling and exporting various adhes...
  • Related Keywords: Adhesive Tape  
Self Adhesive Tapes
  • Self Adhesive Tapes

  • Model No.: kraft-02
  • Product Description: Instant Sticky kraft paper adhesive Tape 1.Acrylic acid adhesive series kraft paper tapeMaterial:Backing material/color: Ochre color kraft paper with silicon coated on single si...
  • Related Keywords: Adhesive Tape  
Filament Packing Tape
  • Filament Packing Tape

  • Model No.: Fiberglass-03
  • Product Description: BOPP (Straight lines) reinforced fiberglass adhesive tape (Code: ZW)Guangzhou Kenill Industry Co., Ltd. is a manufacture of every kinds of tapes. Selling and exporting various a...
  • Related Keywords: Fiberglass Tape  
Packaging Tape
  • Packaging Tape

  • Model No.: Fiberglass-02
  • Product Description: BOPP (Straight lines) reinforced fiberglass adhesive tape (Code: ZW)Material:Backing material/color: Transparent BOPP film combined the white fiberglass lines.Adhesive: Solvent ...
  • Related Keywords: Fiberglass Tape  
Double Stick Tape
  • Double Stick Tape

  • Model No.: Double sided-01
  • Product Description: COMPOSITION:Tissue Paper; Solvent adhesiveFEATURE:1, Good initial adhesion / holding power, excellent softness 2, Easy to tear and use clear; application in normal temperature 3...
  • Related Keywords: Double Sided Tape  
Double Face Tape
  • Double Face Tape

  • Model No.: PET-04
  • Product Description: Feature:1, Super thin thickness, high resistance to shear; can save the spaceeffectively; beneficial for products developping towards to precision and miniaturization2, High def...
  • Related Keywords: PET Tape  
Color Duct Tape
  • Color Duct Tape

  • Model No.: Duct-01
  • Product Description: COMPOSITION:Waterproof cloth (various colors available), Rub / Hotmelt adhesiveFEATURE:1), With an aggressive adhesive for demanding industrial applications such as heavy-duty d...
  • Related Keywords: Duct Tape  
Paper Masking Tapes
  • Paper Masking Tapes

  • Model No.: FH-YJ821
  • Product Description: COMPOSITION:Wshi Paper, Solvent AdhesiveFEATURE:1, The paper material thin, soft and flexible; moderate adhesive; fit perfectly and warping resistant.2, Strong tensile; easy use...
  • Related Keywords: Washi Tape  
Paper Masking Tape
  • Paper Masking Tape

  • Model No.: WBPMT-1
  • Product Description: Masking Tape Composition As Following:1, Backing material: Beige crepe paper; colorful crepe paper and yellow washi paper2, Adhesive: Rubber; Acrylic Oily pressure sensitive adh...
  • Related Keywords: Washi Tape  
Washi Paper Masking Tape
  • Washi Paper Masking Tape

  • Model No.: SBWPMT
  • Product Description: About Washi Paper Masking TapeSolvent-based washi masking tape belong to spray painting masking tape series.Masking Tape Feature As Following:1.Good holding power2.Fit perfectly...
  • Related Keywords: Washi Tape  
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