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Obscure Window Glass
  • Obscure Window Glass

  • Model No.: GRG
  • Product Description: Recommended: GINGOSHI Rolled GlassThe design of GINGOSHI Rolled Glass presents rows of tiny arranged dots to create a distinctive pattern which provides a calm and steady visual...
  • Related Keywords: Rolled Glass Obscure Window Glass 
Patterned Glass Panel
  • Patterned Glass Panel

  • Model No.: SRG
  • Product Description: Recommended: SANDFLOW Rolled GlassThe design of SANDFLOW Rolled Glass conveys melodious and fluctuating tones. The combination of concave-convex patterns and random curve lines ...
  • Related Keywords: Rolled Glass Patterned Glass Panel 
Figure Rolled Glass
  • Figure Rolled Glass

  • Model No.: PRG
  • Product Description: Recommended: PLAIT Rolled GlassThe pattern of PLAIT Rolled Glass features crisscrossed checkerboard like design. The design permits light to pass through while limiting clear li...
  • Related Keywords: Rolled Glass Figure Rolled Glass 
Toughened Glass Panels
  • Toughened Glass Panels

  • Model No.: MRG-1
  • Product Description: Recommended: MORU(I) Rolled GlassThe design of MORU(I) Rolled Glass features equal width vertical lines placed in a regular pattern. The design successfully limits clear line of...
  • Related Keywords: Rolled Glass Toughened Glass Panels 
Toughened Glass
  • Toughened Glass

  • Model No.: HRG
  • Product Description: Recommended: HISHICROSS Rolled GlassHISHICROSS Rolled Glass features equally sized squares in rows on each side of the glass. The pattern softens and obfuscates the light creati...
  • Related Keywords: Rolled Glass Toughened Glass 
Rolled Plate Glass
  • Rolled Plate Glass

  • Model No.: DRG
  • Product Description: Recommended: DIAMOND Rolled GlassThe design of DIAMOND Rolled Glass features a simple, sharp, and solid design. The pits and angles in the design diffuse the light and limit cle...
  • Related Keywords: Rolled Glass Rolled Plate Glass 
  • AQUALITE Glass

  • Model No.: ARG
  • Product Description: Recommended: AQUALITE Rolled GlassThe design of AQUALITE Rolled Glass mimics the rippling effect of water surfaces blown by wind. As light spreads through the design, a crystall...
  • Related Keywords: Rolled Glass AQUALITE Glass 
  • NASHIJI Glass

  • Model No.: NRG
  • Product Description: Recommended: NASHIJI Rolled GlassNASHIJI Rolled Glass utilizes a concave-convex design to create a distinctive surface similar to that of a pear. Numerous pits are evenly spaced...
  • Related Keywords: Rolled Glass NASHIJI Glass 
  • MISTLITE Glass

  • Model No.: MRG
  • Product Description: Recommended: MISTLITE Rolled GlassMISTLITE Rolled Glass utilizes the same concept behind woven fabric to create the specific pattern. Distinguished by its regularity and simplic...
  • Related Keywords: Rolled Glass MISTLITE Glass 
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