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Patterned Glass Panels
  • Patterned Glass Panels

  • Model No.: SPG-1
  • Product Description: Recommended: SEMI-CROSS Patterned GlassSEMI-CROSS Patterned Glass features equally sized and placed squares to present a simple and delicate pattern. The concave-convex design n...
  • Related Keywords: Patterned Glass Patterned Glass Panels 
Frosted Window Glass
  • Frosted Window Glass

  • Model No.: SPG
  • Product Description: Recommended: SEMI-SAND Patterned GlassSEMI-SAND Patterned Glass has a design similar to Frosted Glass. The rough and pellet sized particles in the design create a unique mist-ef...
  • Related Keywords: Patterned Glass Frosted Window Glass 
Frosted Glass
  • Frosted Glass

  • Model No.: MPG
  • Product Description: Recommended: MASTERLINGE Patterned GlassThe pattern of MASTERLINGE Patterned Glass is made up of alternating clear vertical lines and matte lines. The contrast between light and...
  • Related Keywords: Patterned Glass Frosted Glass 
Window Frosted Glass
  • Window Frosted Glass

  • Model No.: CPG
  • Product Description: Recommended: CHINCHILL Patterned GlassThe pattern of CHINCHILL Patterned Glass features densely packed line etchings to create an uneven and complicated pattern. The compact fin...
  • Related Keywords: Patterned Glass Window Frosted Glass 
Patterned Window Glass
  • Patterned Window Glass

  • Model No.: GPG
  • Product Description: Recommended: GRAIN Patterned GlassThe pattern of GRAIN Patterned Glass mimics vertical wood grains to create a natural and classic appearance. The asymmetrical pattern not only ...
  • Related Keywords: Patterned Glass Patterned Window Glass 
  • OCEANIC Glass

  • Model No.: OPG
  • Product Description: Recommended: OCEANIC Patterned GlassThe pattern of OCEANIC Patterned Glass is created through special manufacturing procedures which creates irregular surfaces mimicking the app...
  • Related Keywords: Patterned Glass OCEANIC Glass 
Textured Window Glass
  • Textured Window Glass

  • Model No.: WPG
  • Product Description: Recommended: WINER Patterned GlassThe design of WINER Patterned Glass incorporates equally sized and spaced dots to compose a simple and stylish image. The surface design allows...
  • Related Keywords: Patterned Glass Textured Window Glass 
  • KASUMI Glass

  • Model No.: KPG
  • Product Description: Recommended: KASUMI Patterned GlassThe design of KASUMI Patterned Glass provides a misted surface that produces an obscured yet soft image. The design allows light to pass throu...
  • Related Keywords: Patterned Glass KASUMI Glass 
Textured Glass
  • Textured Glass

  • Model No.: NPG
  • Product Description: Recommended: NET Patterned GlassThe design of NET Patterned Glass presents an interlacing of different shapes and lines. The irregular graphics and surface limits clear line of ...
  • Related Keywords: Patterned Glass Textured Glass 
LONGCROSS Patterned Glass
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