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Fireproof Glass
  • Fireproof Glass

  • Model No.: AG-4
  • Product Description: On modern construction, there are various glass for fence of building such as tempered glass, laminated glass, float glass and coated glass, etc. These glass have different perf...
  • Related Keywords: Architectural Glass Fireproof Glass 
Insulating Glass
  • Insulating Glass

  • Model No.: AG-3
  • Product Description: 1. Seal two or many sheets of glass twice with high-strength airtightness compound glue, place A-alloy frame filled drier between glass to form common insulating glass. Its low ...
  • Related Keywords: Architectural Glass Insulating Glass 
Laminated Glass
  • Laminated Glass

  • Model No.: AG-2
  • Product Description: Pressurize and heat two or many sheets of float glass and one or many layers PVB to formsandwich glass. It has the characteristics of good sound insulation and high safety coeff...
  • Related Keywords: Architectural Glass Laminated Glass 
Annealed Glass
  • Annealed Glass

  • Model No.: AG-1
  • Product Description: Adopt flat steel stove, heat glass to softening point, then evenly cool it with cold wind to form tempered glass. After steel treatment, glass forms even compressive stress on i...
  • Related Keywords: Architectural Glass Annealed Glass 
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