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Antique Mirror Glass
  • Antique Mirror Glass

  • Model No.: DG-4
  • Product Description: Recommended: Antique MirrorThe Antique Mirror is to create vintage glass sheets by using oxidation processes and applying particular patented procedures. It offers various decor...
  • Related Keywords: Decorative Glass Antique Mirror Glass 
Screen Printing Glass
  • Screen Printing Glass

  • Model No.: DG-3
  • Product Description: Recommended: Roll Printing GlassRoll printing glass, also named silk screen glass, is manufactured by applying ceramic paint and graphics with silkscreen printing technology ont...
  • Related Keywords: Decorative Glass Screen Printing Glass 
Painted Glass
  • Painted Glass

  • Model No.: DG-2
  • Product Description: Painted glass, also called Spandrel glass is made by the high quality clear float glass or ultra-clear float glass. By rolling or spraying environmental protecting ceramic frit,...
  • Related Keywords: Decorative Glass Decorative Glass 
Decorative Laminated Glass
Off-line Low-E Glass
  • Off-line Low-E Glass

  • Model No.: RG-4
  • Product Description: The glass is a highly efficient energy saving product obtained through the use of the Magnetron Sputter Vacuum Deposition (MSVD) method where multiple layers of metal or nonmeta...
  • Related Keywords: Reflective Glass Off-line Low-E Glass 
Online Low-E Glass
  • Online Low-E Glass

  • Model No.: RG-3
  • Product Description: Low emissivity coated glass is also called Low-E glass. Low-E glass is to coat low emissivity silver and metal oxide layers on glass surface. The coatings on glass will show dif...
  • Related Keywords: Reflective Glass Online Low-E Glass 
Off-line Reflective Glass
Online Reflective Glass
Fireproof Glass
  • Fireproof Glass

  • Model No.: AG-4
  • Product Description: On modern construction, there are various glass for fence of building such as tempered glass, laminated glass, float glass and coated glass, etc. These glass have different perf...
  • Related Keywords: Architectural Glass Fireproof Glass 
Insulating Glass
  • Insulating Glass

  • Model No.: AG-3
  • Product Description: 1. Seal two or many sheets of glass twice with high-strength airtightness compound glue, place A-alloy frame filled drier between glass to form common insulating glass. Its low ...
  • Related Keywords: Architectural Glass Insulating Glass 
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