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Wood Key Chain
  • Wood Key Chain

  • Model No.: Solid Wood Key Chain
  • Product Description: A.0837HPN 40*9*100mm 0838HPN 40*9*125mm 0839HPN 40*9*150mmB.0857WPN 20*20*100mm 0858WPN 20*20*125mm 0859WPN 20*20*150mmC.0873HPN 40*9*100mm 0874HPN 40*9*125mm 0875HPN 40*9*150mm...
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Novelty Products
  • Novelty Products

  • Model No.: Novelty Products
  • Product Description: A.3824WDN Gavel with BaseGavel: 75(W)*48(H)*270mm(L)Base: 120*19mmHB.3443WDN Perpetual Calendar Top: 190*65*54mmHC.1822WPN 1M Tape Measure Key Chain: 38*38*15mmHD.1872WPN 5M Tap...
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Sand Timer
  • Sand Timer

  • Model No.: Sand Timer
  • Product Description: A. 2276 Tri-Color Sand Timer: (Red:1 Minute/White:3 Minutes/Blue:5 Minutes): 138*40*114mmHB. 2288 Elegant Hourglass (30 Minute)Frame: 94*45*154mmBase: 136*86*22mmC. 2277 Marble ...
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Wooden Luggage Tags
  • Wooden Luggage Tags

  • Model No.: Wood Luggage Tag
  • Product Description: A/B 3450 Wood Luggage Tag (Round): 76*76*12mmC/D 3451 Wood Luggage Tag (Shield): 80*61*12mmE/F 3452 Wood Luggage Tag (Rectangle): 91*61*12mmG/H 3453 Wood Luggage Tag (Oval): 91*...
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