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Wooden Clocks
  • Wooden Clocks

  • Model No.: Re-Setable Mini Clock
  • Product Description: A/B. 3600 Re-Setable Mini ClockSolid Walnut & Beech Wood: 72*48*26mmHC. 3648 Name Card Holder w/Clock: 145*48*48mmHD. 3626 Name Card Holder/Clock/Pen Stand w/Pen: 145*48*48mmH
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Wooden Alarm Clock
  • Wooden Alarm Clock

  • Model No.: Wooden Caddy/Hand Pocket Watch
  • Product Description: A. 0056 Multi-purpose Caddy W/Frame 84*97*117mmHB. 5043 Hand Pocket Watch Clock 70*70*180mmHC. 8064 Desk Clock 90*35*108mmHD. 5073 Folding Travel Clock 76*64*25mmH
  • Related Keywords: Wooden Accessories  
Antique Wooden Clock
  • Antique Wooden Clock

  • Model No.: Weather Station Paperweight Clock
  • Product Description: A. 3675 Weather Station Paperweight: 120*120*86mmHB. 3645 Name Card Holder/Penstand/Clock: 139*44*45mmHC. 1017 Arc Large Clock w/Battery: 198*70*180mmHD. 9041 Imitation Mechanic...
  • Related Keywords: Wooden Accessories  
Wooden Clock
  • Wooden Clock

  • Model No.: Time Pieces
  • Product Description: Rolling Round/Square Clock5077: Rolling Round Clock70*36*76mmH5078: Rolling Square Clock70*36*80mmHArched/ Square Imitated Mechanical Clock8641Arched Imitated Mechanical Clock (...
  • Related Keywords: Wooden Accessories  
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