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Cube Bag
  • Cube Bag

  • Model No.: Jelly Cube
  • Product Description: Material: Pearly Gloss StrapDimension: 25cmX24cmX15cmIdeal bottled-shape design, using color contrast, shades, and check pattern to create a transparent texture and 2D visual il...
  • Related Keywords: Handmade Bag  
Kangaroo Bag
  • Kangaroo Bag

  • Model No.: Fluffy Kangaroo Bag
  • Product Description: Making its debut at Taipei World Design Expo, Fluffy Kangaroo bag is famous for its ergonomic design. When carrying the bag, you won't feel tired as it's petit and light, when c...
  • Related Keywords: Handmade Bag  
Hand Bag
  • Hand Bag

  • Model No.: 021_024_034
  • Product Description: 021Material: Rattan-like strapDimension: 20cmX24cmX9cm024Material: Rattan-like strapDimension: 32cmX27cmX14cm034Material: Rattan-like strapDimension: 23cmX28cmX10cm
  • Related Keywords: Handmade Bag  
Shoulder Bags
  • Shoulder Bags

  • Model No.: 027_029_030
  • Product Description: 027Material: Pearly Gloss StrapDimension: 23cmX27cmX12cm029Material: Pearly Gloss StrapDimension: 23cmX24cmX10cm030Material: Pearly Gloss StrapDimension: 24cmX20cmX9cm
  • Related Keywords: Handmade Bag  
Cotton Candy Bag
  • Cotton Candy Bag

  • Model No.: Cotton Candy Bag
  • Product Description: Material: "Fabric-like" strapUtilizing the unique "Fabric-like" strap material which is solely developed, the material is special for its ultra light in weight and the delicate ...
  • Related Keywords: Handmade Bag  
Charm Accessories
  • Charm Accessories

  • Model No.: Special Macarons
  • Product Description: Material: Pearly Gloss StrapFeel like adding some fun and color to your keys? Special Macarons is a delightful little something to bright up your daily essentials! Colorful, del...
  • Related Keywords: Handmade Bag  
Creative Bag
  • Creative Bag

  • Model No.: Crispy water-chestnut(Large)
  • Product Description: Advanced version of the petit Crispy Water-Chestnut! The ideal size is suitable for both shoulder and hand carry, with the elegant color arrangement, this bag best compliments y...
  • Related Keywords: Handmade Bag  
Handmade Recycled Bags
  • Handmade Recycled Bags

  • Model No.: 028_060
  • Product Description: 028Material: Fabric-Like StrapDimension: 24cmX20cmX15cm060Material: Fabric-Like StrapDimension: 27cmX18cmX14cm
  • Related Keywords: Handmade Bag  
Shoulder Bag
  • Shoulder Bag

  • Model No.: Caramel Tote
  • Product Description: Dimension: 35cmX 31cmX 15cmHaving hard time to carry all you need for work in one bag? Caramel Tote is exactly your choice! The extra-big size is designed to accommodate your pa...
  • Related Keywords: Handmade Bag  
Handmade Shoulder Bags
  • Handmade Shoulder Bags

  • Model No.: 049_050_051
  • Product Description: 049Material: Pearly Gloss StrapDimension: 27cmX29cmX12cm050Material: Pearly Gloss StrapDimension: 27cmX23cmX6cm051Material: Pearly Gloss StrapDimension: 36cmX28cmX12cm
  • Related Keywords: Handmade Bag  
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