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Cube Bag
  • Cube Bag

  • Model No.: Jelly Cube
  • Product Description: Material: Pearly Gloss StrapDimension: 25cmX24cmX15cmIdeal bottled-shape design, using color contrast, shades, and check pattern to create a transparent texture and 2D visual il...
  • Related Keywords: Handmade Bag  
Kangaroo Bag
  • Kangaroo Bag

  • Model No.: Fluffy Kangaroo Bag
  • Product Description: Making its debut at Taipei World Design Expo, Fluffy Kangaroo bag is famous for its ergonomic design. When carrying the bag, you won't feel tired as it's petit and light, when c...
  • Related Keywords: Handmade Bag  
Hand Bag
  • Hand Bag

  • Model No.: 021_024_034
  • Product Description: 021Material: Rattan-like strapDimension: 20cmX24cmX9cm024Material: Rattan-like strapDimension: 32cmX27cmX14cm034Material: Rattan-like strapDimension: 23cmX28cmX10cm
  • Related Keywords: Handmade Bag  
Shoulder Bags
  • Shoulder Bags

  • Model No.: 027_029_030
  • Product Description: 027Material: Pearly Gloss StrapDimension: 23cmX27cmX12cm029Material: Pearly Gloss StrapDimension: 23cmX24cmX10cm030Material: Pearly Gloss StrapDimension: 24cmX20cmX9cm
  • Related Keywords: Handmade Bag  
Customized Mug
  • Customized Mug

  • Model No.: Customized Mug
  • Product Description: Customized ceramic mugs: promotional mug, coffee mugsoffice mugs, lock mugs, couple mugs, beer mugscustom mugs, photo mugs, printed mugsbranded mugs, travel mugsā€¦. OEM and ODM s...
  • Related Keywords: Creative Products  
Absorbent Coasters
  • Absorbent Coasters

  • Model No.: Water-Absorbent Coasters
  • Product Description: Material: CeramicDimensions: 10.8 cm in diameterHigh quality ceramic coaster fired at high temperature with non-fading print patterns. It can be used as a placemat for both hot/...
  • Related Keywords: Creative Products  
Creative T-shirts
  • Creative T-shirts

  • Model No.: Creative T-shirts
  • Product Description: Material: combed cottonDimensions: (F) S / M (M) S / M / LWith good quality production and comfortable material, Creative T-shirts bring the fun of life! OEM and ODM are accepte...
  • Related Keywords: Creative Products  
Wooden Stapler
  • Wooden Stapler

  • Model No.: Wooden Stapler/Tape Dispenser
  • Product Description: A.1015 Stapler 93*25*49mmB.1022 Stapler 100*35*46mmHC.1005 Stapler 103*28*56mmD.1025 Medium Stapler 154*46*47mmE.1003 Medium Stapler 142*40*63mmF.1016 Stapler 100*51*28mmG.2804 ...
  • Related Keywords: Wood Stationery  
Stuffed Dolls
  • Stuffed Dolls

  • Model No.: Stuffed Dolls
  • Product Description: High quality soft plush doll. OEM and ODM services offered.Material: Soft Plush
  • Related Keywords: Creative Products  
Wooden Tray
  • Wooden Tray

  • Model No.: Folding Tray Holder
  • Product Description: A simple yet timeless design, this folding tray stand is made of solid walnut or solid beech wood. Two sturdy belts attached to the stand are durable and strong enough to hold m...
  • Related Keywords: Wooden Trays  
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