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Switching Diodes
  • Switching Diodes

  • Model No.: BAV99
  • Product Description: • High-speed switching diodes, encapsulated in small Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) plastic packages• Applications:[1] High-speed switching[2] General-purpose switching[3] Reverse...
  • Related Keywords: Switch Diode Switching Diode Switching Diodes
SMD Schottky Diode
  • SMD Schottky Diode

  • Model No.: RB480K
  • Product Description: • Discrete Semiconductors• SMD Schottky Diode• ROHM's schottky barrier diodes are low VF, low IR and high ESD resistant, suitable for PC,mobile phone and various portable electr...
  • Related Keywords: SMD Schottky Diode Schottky Diode RF Diodes
Schottky Diodes
  • Schottky Diodes

  • Model No.: MBRM140T1G
  • Product Description: • SMD Schottky Diodes• Schottky Power Rectifier Diode• The Schottky Powermite employs the Schottky Barrier principle with a barrier metal and epitaxial construction that produce...
  • Related Keywords: Schottky Diodes Schottky Diode RF Diodes
Schottky Barrier Diodes
Schottky Barrier Diode
Rectifier Diode
  • Rectifier Diode

  • Model No.: 1N5822
  • Product Description: • Lead Diode• Axial Schottky Diodes• 3A Schottky Barrier Rectifiers Diode• Features:[1] Low forward voltage drop[2] High current capability[3] High reliability[4] High surge cur...
  • Related Keywords: Rectifier Diode Schottky Diode RF Transistors
DIP Diode
  • DIP Diode

  • Model No.: 1N5819
  • Product Description: • DIP Schottky Diode• Axial-Lead Diodes• 1A Schottky Barrier Rectifiers Diode• Maximum Recurrent Peak Reverse Voltage(VRRM): 40V• Maximum DC Blocking Voltage(VR): 40V• Maximum R...
  • Related Keywords: DIP Diode Schottky Diode RF Diodes
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