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MOSFET Transistors
RF Power Transistors
RF Power Transistor
RF MOSFET Transistor

  • Model No.: RD01MUS2
  • Product Description: • 7.2V Operation High Output Power Si MOS FET• Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors , MOSFET• Silicon Power RF Transistors• RF MOSFET• High Frequency Devices• Sili...
  • Related Keywords: RF MOSFET RF Transistor RF Transistors
HF Transistors
  • HF Transistors

  • Model No.: MMBTH10LT1G
  • Product Description: • This NPN Bipolar Transistors is designed for general purpose VHF / UHF applications and is housed in the SOT-23 surface mount package. This device is ideal for low-power surfa...
  • Related Keywords: HF Transistors RF Transistor RF Transistors
Silicon Transistors
HF Transistor
  • HF Transistor

  • Model No.: 2SC5226A
  • Product Description: • SANYO Semiconductors• Features:[1] Low-noise: NF = 1.0dB typ(f = 1GHz)[2] High gain: |S21e|2 = 12dB typ(f = 1GHz)[3] High cut-off frequency: fT = 7GHz typ• HF Transistor• Sili...
  • Related Keywords: HF Transistor RF Transistor RF Transistors
Microwave Transistor
Microwave Transistors
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