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Automation Machine
  • Automation Machine

  • Model No.: INT-OSD-180
  • Product Description: Cutter Wheels and Urethane Pad Wheels disengage from each other automatically upon shutdown; and return to home positions in 10 seconds from restart.
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Automation Devices
  • Automation Devices

  • Model No.: INT-PSD-350
  • Product Description: Makes available Suction Transferring Air-stream System that prevents paper board warping or twisting and thus minimizes loss.Graphic alignment regulated within plus/minus 0.5 mm...
  • Related Keywords: Sun Automation  
Automation Machinery
  • Automation Machinery

  • Model No.: INT=PSD-180
  • Product Description: Optional binding plate or die-cut unit, billed separately.A dual angular tension design adopted on the cutter plates offers convenient, seift operation that shears through paper...
  • Related Keywords: Sun Automation  
Automation Equipment
  • Automation Equipment

  • Model No.: INT-PSD-340
  • Product Description: Automatic control to vinyl rollers during idle that prevents the ink from drying out during interim pauses.During shutdown, the ink roller automatically detaches from the printi...
  • Related Keywords: Sun Automation  
Corrugated Paper Machine
  • Corrugated Paper Machine

  • Model No.: INT-PSD-330
  • Product Description: Slot-configured upper feeding roller and textured lower feeding roller provide precise paper-feeding motion.Auto focus reset, with programmable auto reset on the dimensionsServe...
  • Related Keywords: Sun Automation  
Corrugated Printing Machine
  • Corrugated Printing Machine

  • Model No.: INT-PSD-320
  • Product Description: Five cutter plates at the feeding slot individually adjustable, combined with removable center cutter that allows dual feed without Removing the cutters or contour guide.Edging ...
  • Related Keywords: Sun Automation  
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