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Printing Machines
  • Printing Machines

  • Model No.: INT-PSD-270
  • Product Description: Printing system featuring a plate hanging design that offers convenient and swift plate change.Hanging devices can be customized quickly, can save more time hanging.
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Paper Printing Machine
  • Paper Printing Machine

  • Model No.: INT-PSD-260
  • Product Description: Makes available Suction Transferring Air-stream System that prevents paper board warping or twisting and thus minimizes loss.Graphic alignment regulated within plus/minus 0.5 mm...
  • Related Keywords: Packaging Machine  
Print Machinery
  • Print Machinery

  • Model No.: INT=PSD-160
  • Product Description: Each of the five knife holder can travel laterally to the left or the right; besides, front knives and rear knifes are on different shafts separately.All spindles in chromium el...
  • Related Keywords: Packaging Machine  
Print Machines
  • Print Machines

  • Model No.: INT-PSD-250
  • Product Description: Paper feeding mechanism comes with a counter that lifts upward automatically at a preset number, offering precise control on the printing volume.Slot-configured upper feeding ro...
  • Related Keywords: Packaging Machine  
Die Cutting
  • Die Cutting

  • Model No.: INT-OSD-160
  • Product Description: Lower Cutter Wheels and Upper Urethane Pad Wheels made of cast steel; rubber rolls move laterally within 60mm automatically.
  • Related Keywords: Packaging Machine  
Print Machine
  • Print Machine

  • Model No.: INT-PSD-240
  • Product Description: featuring auto reset Printing wheel aligned to focus offers rapid.Ceramic printer roller offers extended operating cycle, supports fine printing up to 200 to 250 dot-matrix per ...
  • Related Keywords: Packaging Machine  
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