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Flip Digit Display
Sports Megaphone
Waist Band Amplifier
Javelin Tube
Measuring Tape
Electronic Pistol
  • Electronic Pistol

  • Model No.: JEX700
  • Product Description: 3 FUNCTIONS: Starting Pistol for T&F/ Siren for swim / whistle for team sport.SAFE & ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY than traditional gunpowder pistolADJUSTABLE VOLUME to avoid damage to y...
  • Related Keywords: Track And Field Equipment Electronic Pistol 
100 Memory Stopwatch
Digital Stopwatch
  • Digital Stopwatch

  • Model No.: JEX300
  • Product Description: Multi-purpose6 Digitals Stopwatch, 10mmH large digits.6 Functions: Stopwatch, Timer, Lap counter, Calendar, Alarm, Hourly Chime 12/24hr1/100 second with Lap counter.Water-resist...
  • Related Keywords: Track And Field Equipment Digital Stopwatch 
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