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PEW Energy Waist Belt(hermetic)

PEW Energy Waist Belt(hermetic)

Selling Parameters

Subject PEW Energy Waist Belt(hermetic)
Item No. NA112-1
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Agriculture > Agricultural Chemical > Fungicide

Detailed Product Description

Every living creature emits a fixed wavelength of energy. The human body emits an energy with a wavelength of 9.35 microns . The PEW Energy Waist Belt contains chips that release 9-10 micron far infrared rays. Because these rays have a wavelength similar to those produced by the human body, a resonance will be produced that can regulate an area on the body that feels unwell.
Women will have problems with acute pain and soreness in the waist during their menstrual period. When men age, they experience the symptom of frequent urination. These above symptoms can see improvement with long-term use of the PEW Energy Waist Belt to effectively improve women's PMS discomfort and give men relief from frequent urination.
Appropriate for use at home or when traveling. It is advised to use this product for extended periods of time.

Issue Time:   2018-10-14
Expire Time:   2019-05-07


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