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TPE Yoga Mat

TPE Yoga Mat

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Subject TPE Yoga Mat
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Subject: TPE yoga mat
Young ci international co., ltd. is a professional neoprene rubber foam sheet manufacturer in Taiwan. We provide all kind of rubber foam.
An eco-friendly yoga mat can refer to a mat made out of a few different materials. These mats are not made out of polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, a chemical that, in its manufacturing, releases harmful toxins into the environment. Some of these eco-friendly mats do not include latex either, which is important if you have an allergy. Eco-friendly yoga mats are usually made out of natural rubber, derived from a rubber tree, or from Environmental lamination(water base glue) fiber, hemp or cotton.
If it is important to you, some eco-friendly yoga mats are also made with certified organic materials. Do not assume that just because the mat is biodegradable that it is organic. An eco-friendly yoga mat might also be made with thermoplastic elastomers, or TPE, a degradable type of plastic. Eco-friendly mats are available in many different patterns and colors to appeal to your tastes.
When purchasing an eco-friendly yoga mat, be sure that the mat is the correct thickness for you to be comfortable and is sticky enough that you won't be slipping off. If you do find yourself slipping off the mat, you may want to purchase a yoga towel to place on top of the mat to absorb sweat and prevent falls. If you will be traveling a lot, make sure that the mat is not too heavy. Be sure to clean your mat regularly.

TPE yoga mat
1. 100% TPE, non-toxic, Chlorine Free , PVC free, passed RoHS Standard
2. soft texture, elasticity and excellent resilience
3. excellent traction no matter dry or moisture
4. recyclable
5. closed-cell foam
6. excellent anti-slip in wet and dry condition
7. low density, elasticity, excellent resilience, recovery well, waterproof, cold resistance
Issue Time:   2018-11-11
Expire Time:   2019-04-09

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