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Solid Wood Flooring

Solid Wood Flooring

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Subject Solid Wood Flooring
Item No. 3:IWF
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Construction > Door,Window > Japanese Sliding Door

Detailed Product Description

A:They do not produce any radiation.
B:Water repellent,moiststure proof, tasteless, not cold either in the summer or in the winter.
C:They don't expand with heat and contract with cold.
D:Environmently friendly. Mading of non-toxic and tastless raw materail.
E:Saving resources recylable.
F:Water-proof, anti-skid, not distortional in a long time immersion in the water.
G:Flame-resitant, anti-static.
H:Time saving, labour saving, no worry, no much time for maintenance.
I:Age proof, mould proof, non-discoloring which has a long service life.
J:Simple installation: DIY effect, you can pave them yourselves by using nails, saws, pastes.
Issue Time:   2018-09-18
Expire Time:   2018-11-02

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