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Japanese Partition

Japanese Partition

Selling Parameters

Subject Japanese Partition
Item No. 125:CTS
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Construction > Door,Window > Shoji Door

Detailed Product Description

(-):This product also has excellent air permeability.
(-):This partition is a feel of Japanese style.
(-):Handmade bamboo products.

(A):This form is simple and elegant shoji door type, but also engaging and beautiful.
(B):Our shoji are double sided, meaning kumiko (grid pattern) on both sides of the shoji paper for strength and support.
(C):Easy to operate and clean.
(D):With built-in blinds.
(E):Double glazing, good sealing.
(F):The sandwich material is the shoji paper.
(G):The embed wheels underneath the shoji doors enable easy sliding.
Issue Time:   2018-09-18
Expire Time:   2018-11-02

Keywords: Shoji Door   

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