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Guard Tour

Guard Tour

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Subject Guard Tour
Item No. GS1000A
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Security,Protection > Access Control Systems > Data Collection

Detailed Product Description

Patrol Tour Terminal


GUARDSCAN is a Patrol Tour Data Collection Terminal based on RFID technology. It is so-called "GUARDSCAN" because its function is to scan RFID tags and store their ID-codes in a journal memory, together with the Date/Time stamp. It helps you watch over your employees that have had difficulties to track those whose working duties require moving from place to place, such as security personnel patrolling, policeman patrolling, remote equipment inspection/maintenance… etc. Now thanks to the "GUARDSCAN", you can verify what jobs your personnel have done throughout the working shift.

·Security personnel patrolling
·Policeman patrolling
·Military patrolling
·Building guard patrolling
·Community guard patrolling
·Remote equipment inspections/maintenance
·Goods delivery, transportation management

·One-touch operation
·Journal memory: 14,320 records
·Use mobile phone battery, replaceable and rechargeable and easy to get replacement
·RS-232 interface
·Wide operating temperature: - 10 to 55 Deg. C
·Up to 30,000 reading scan on a full battery charge

Value-added bundled software:

To use the computer, you may purchase the optional application software “Patrol Manager” to set your patrol management system and make the Report as below.

Issue Time:   2018-06-16
Expire Time:   2019-01-23

Keywords: Data Collection   

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