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Soy Protein

Soy Protein

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Subject Soy Protein
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Detailed Product Description

Product features: Not only to absorb calcium, but also to retain calcium
  1. Bio-Garden Nature Soy Milk Powder use non-GM soybean meal quality made from organic soybeans - without any artificial fertilizers or pesticides, organic certification by the European Union. After complete process of peeled off bud, deodorant, best conditions, cooking, eliminate mold, bacteria, spray manufacturing.
  2. 100% Natural foods - Bio-Garden Nature Soy Milk Powder contains no artificial coloring, preservatives, chemical composition, beany flavor, bitter taste and speed of solvent.
  3. Manufactured under certified ISO22000 factory to ensure product quality.
  4. American Heart Association has approved a health claim linking soy provides abundant amount of nutrients and essential fatty acids ofω-3、ω-6 andω-9.
  5. Soy lecithin consists of chorine, fatty acid, glycerin and phosphoric acid. It is the essential nutrient ideally for pregnant women and infants.

  1. Protein: the human body is composed of protein rests with each part of the daily adequate intake of protein needed to maintain the body's metabolism
  2. Unsaturated fatty acid: Rich in linoleic acid and linolenic acid, the main source provides the essential fatty acids to the human body. Because it is not saturated, so it does not hoard or block, promoting metabolism, and helps people get more mental energy everyday
  3. Lecithin: Contains choline and inositol help the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, more involved in fat metabolism, helping regulate physiological functions and youth health
  4. Dietary fiber: Environmental master of the body, can promote bowel movement, increasing sense of fullness and smooth bowel movements
  5. Soya saponin: Promote metabolism and reduce fatigue
  6. Soya Isoflavones: Comprehensive care for women in the physiology,making them seem attractive at any time
  7. Minerals: Help people normal development, nourishing physical body
  8. Vitamin: Nutritional supplements help to enhance physical body

Natural soybean extract calcium for nutrition countermeasures:

Modern people's mental and physical health confusion

World soybean meal calcium nutrition countermeasures

Defecation flow, and intestinal imbalance

Dietary fiber

Diet imbalance and difficult to maintain ideal body weight

Vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, protein

Increase oxidative damage

E Soybean saponins, vitamin E

Increase the incidence of cardiovascular disease

Isoflavone, lecithin, unsaturated fatty acids, protein

Menopause symptoms


Back pain

Protein, minerals, vitamins

Bio-garden soya milk powder contents:

Vitamins&Mineral content

Per 100g









Vitamin B1


Vitamin B2


Vitamin B6


Vitamin E




Folic acid


Nutrition comparison:



Cholesterol mm/100g













Calcareous quantity comparison:

Calcareous Quantity mg/per
Goat's milk124

Use of high quality non-genetically modified organic soybeans.
  1. Peel:
    The main is to remove Spring (the removal of smell), and Spring is the main cause of gout causes, gout so people can drink our products. The production process of the soybean essence. Gout or uric acid can not eat too much seafood, drinking, offal.
  2. Removal of buds:
    Gas accounts will cause the stomach enzyme to remove the urine. (Germination technology advantages and disadvantages of the enzyme Retention)
  3. Crude fiber:
    Crude fiber like betel nuts, bagasse, bad digestion, easy to cause stomach pain, put a long time will causew deposit. Our products are fine fibers,that is dietary fiber,which help us defecation and anti-oxidation, increasing water will not harden.
  4. Spray Drying:
    Currently our most popular topic is nano technology,which is the sub-sub. our product is instant heating, molecular fine, no sediment, and it is a good powder soluble in water absorption.

Three guarantees:
  • No preservatives
  • No added chemical fragrances
  • No added chemical pigment
Our each product Weight is 30 grams, including 7.86 grams of protein, fatty acid containing 4.39g, containing 86.6mg of lecithin and 3.89 grams of dietary fiber.It has 71.7mg isoflavones, and calcium content was 27.9mg. TV ads, calcium intake is not much, but in retaining the number. 99% of the general run of our calcium to the bones, 1% to blood. When blood calcium is not enough, we will take the initiative to get the bones, so long after the bones of calcium are not enough produce osteoporosis.

P.S: Because of our weight 30 grams each of sodium content of 15.9 mg to 382.5 mg of potassium, so to those who have hyperthyroidism, we propose ruducing the consumption.

Use method:
  1. Miraculous soybean meal 50g, first brewed about 100c.c. cold water Stir, and it is according to personal preference. Add some warm water to adjust the temperature and stiffness, or add ice to drink after brewing. It is cool refreshing and is a nutrition for hot and cold drinks Safe.
  2. Equality in soybean meal can replace animal protein intake, recommended daily consumption of 1 ~ 3 times. For the whole family for breakfast, supper, snack. It helps to check your health, increasing physical strength.

Applicable people:
Ideal for postmenopause women (Menopausal women with soy isoflavones)
Ideal for Pregnant woman
Ideal for Vegetarian
Ideal for the Infants more than 3 months
Those patients who just have finished surgery or in rehabilitation
Helps in health management
Ideal for those who are lactose intolerant
Rich Protein source for teenagers
Soy oligosaccharides can provide suitable environment for the growth of probiotics in large intestine

Storage life: 18months
Store method:
Placed in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight, and finish eating as soon as possible after you open the can.
Date of validity: Marked on the bottom of the tank

Attention: Finished eating as soon as possible after opening
Issue Time:   2018-09-18
Expire Time:   2019-05-13

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