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Premium Gear Lube

Premium Gear Lube

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Subject Premium Gear Lube
Item No. MPG 85W140 (Mineral)
Supply Type General
Amount unknown
Categories Energy > Petroleum,Petroleum Product > Motorcycle Oil

Detailed Product Description

EUDEX UHPD is fully synthetic motor oil meeting the latest UHPD (Ultra High Performance Diesel) requirements. This oil provides an excellent protection against 'bore polishing' and has a superior oxidation and high temperature stability.
EUDEX UHPD is a fuel economy oil and suitable for heavily loaded diesel engines in commercial vehicles, buses and industrial vehicles. Because of the special additive technology, both the oil and the engine are kept clean in an unprecedented way.
EUDEX UHPD is a so called 'long drain' oil and therefore suitable for prolonged drain intervals, if allowed by the OEM and depending on working conditions and filtration methods, so it reduces maintenance costs.

Issue Time:   2018-09-18
Expire Time:   2019-05-29

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