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Antrodia Cinnamomea2

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Antrodia Cinnamomea2

Antrodia Cinnamomea2

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Product Name Antrodia Cinnamomea2
Item No. 4-2.1A30036
Supply Type Sell
Category Apparel,Fashion > Beach Wear

Detailed Product Description

Antrodia Cinnamomea small Pills ODM/Private label
Gold Series : Antrodia Cinnamomea small Pills
ODM/Private label/Business to business service
CO2 Supercritical Fluid Extract Patent Formulation
3 years Antrodia cinnamomea fruiting body by basswood
Cultivation, with sesamin added.
Ingredients :
  1. CO2 SFE antrodia cinnamomea
  2. SMB active purified sesamin crystalline ingredients
Function :
  1. Anti-inflammatory, regulating the immune system
  2. Inhibit cancer cell proliferation
  3. Promote cancer cell death
  4. Repair the liver, improve liver function
  5. Adjust blood pressure, reduce blood fat, prevent stroke
Contains:250mg/bottle;5 bottles /box;15 boxes
In order to preserve the precious species, so far Taiwan government had already prohibited the deforestation of the wild Antrodia cinnamomea. Therefore, only in an artificial cultivation way of Antrodia cinnamomea fruiting body is meet the requirements of the public. In the past, most people focused on the liquid state fermentation cultivation of Antrodia cinnamomea, and they got the antrodia cinnamomea mycelium. It contained a lot of Polysaccharides, but only had a few of Triterpenoids. According to the research, the Triterpenoids have effects on protecting the liver and inhibit the cancel cell. Triterpenoids also lower the cholesterol and blood lipids.


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