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Foam Bonding Machine

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Foam Bonding Machine

Foam Bonding Machine

Product Parameters

Product Name Foam Bonding Machine
Item No. SA-9A
Supply Type Sell
Category Industrial Supplies Hardware > Machinery > Foam Rebonding Machine

Detailed Product Description

Auto Re-bonding Machine with Auto Loading and Unloading System
  1. This machine is to make foam blocks using flexible pu foam waste.
  2. The foam waste can be rebonded into foam blocks again, using A foam chipping machine to crush the foam waste into small particles and blow the crushed particles into the mixing drum.
  3. The mixing drum consist of three units of spraying nozzles, the chemicals will equally sprayed on the foam chips and the mixture loaded into the mold through hydraulic press to become the rebonding foam blocks.
  4. The density of the foam block can be adjusted by the hydraulic press stroke.
  5. High density foam, rigid foam or any Rubber material are not suitable for rebounding and pressing process.
  6. Optional Boiler for steam cure system.
  7. Optional cylinder mould.
  8. Optional air compressor.

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