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Foam Shredding Machine

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Foam Shredding Machine

Foam Shredding Machine

Product Parameters

Product Name Foam Shredding Machine
Item No. SA-4ASP & SA-4AH
Supply Type Sell
Category Industrial Supplies Hardware > Machinery > Foam Chipping Machine

Detailed Product Description

Super power breaker and crusher
  1. For high capacity to cutting the foam waste into small chips.
  2. The SA-4ASP super power Breaker and the SA-4AHP combined together is a highly efficient & high production capacity scrap foam crushing system.
  3. Two sections foam crusher that has a combined capacity of producing over 1000 kg / hour of foam scrap.
  4. SA-4ASP Super Power Breaker features Double Axis with Several Rotary Cutters.
  5. The foam scrap is placed onto a conveyor by an operator to be processed by the SA-4ASP super power breaker. The now smaller pieces of foam scrap coming out of the power breaker are moved by another conveyor to the SA-4AHP60 crusher to become even smaller particles.
  6. The smaller particles are sent by the crushing machine’s blower to the silo, a mixing tank, or storage area.
  7. The advantage of a two section foam crushing system is that since almost all foam scraps are compression packaged, making the foam scraps very hard, if put directly into any crushing machine, they will slow down the crushing speed, greatly shorten the cutting blade life, and create a lot of heat, which is not good for safety concerns.
  8. Optional metal detector for conveyor.

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