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Foam Block Machine

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Foam Block Machine

Foam Block Machine

Product Parameters

Product Name Foam Block Machine
Item No. SA-1AF
Supply Type Sell
Category Industrial Supplies Hardware > Machinery > Foaming Machine

Detailed Product Description

Promix Slabstock Machine
  1. The Sunkist promix foaming machine is a continuous foaming machine for producing flexible square polyurethane foam blocks.
  2. Standard sidewall steel plate.
  3. Option of movable sidewall, starting from the fall plate to the side paper rewind.
  4. Slat conveyor of 18530 mm long speed and speed 2-8.5m/min with rewind unit for both sides.
  5. Five adjustable fall plate sections during foaming.
  6. Preset with Max Foam System
  7. Optional Liquid Lay Down System: Mixing head lays the mixture directly to the fall plate instead of the trough. One additional fall plate will be added to the original five section fall plate. Pinholes in the foam will decrease to have better quality foam.
  8. Stainless steel catalyst tanks.
  9. Optional extra Polyol, TDI, catalyst metering unit, calcium carbonate or melamine feeding system and Paste Pigment System or Milliken Reactant System.
  10. With three fan ventilation sets and optional infrared heaters, air compressor, air tank, chiller or heat unit for chemical temperature control.
  11. Top telescope counter weight plate.
  12. Optional R.S. System: Add one layer PE film to both sides of block, then pull them up during foaming to make the top square to increase usable volume.
  13. Optional high pressure system for producing Polyester and Polyether foam.
  14. All cutting equipment and storage crane unit can be added.

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