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Cold/Hot Gel Pack (Back Wrap)

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Cold/Hot Gel Pack (Back Wrap)

Cold/Hot Gel Pack (Back Wrap)

Product Parameters

Product Name Cold/Hot Gel Pack (Back Wrap)
Item No. SP-7217
Supply Type Sell
Category Health,Beauty > Health Care Products > Sports Equipment

Detailed Product Description

►Cold Therapy:
♦ Place the pack in a freezer for at least 15-20 minutes before each use.
►Hot Therapy:
♦ Hot Water-Place the pack in hot water (max 80°C) for 15-20 minutes.
♦ Microwave oven-
• Place the pack in a microwave oven (recommended 800W).
• Ensure that the gel is evenly distributed in the pack.
• Heat the pack for 35 seconds at a low power setting.Heating times will vary with the power of the microwave.
• If more heat is required, heat in additional 5-second increments until the desired temperature is reached.
• Allow the pack to rest at least 1 minute before application.


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