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Electronic Mosquito Repeller

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Electronic Mosquito Repeller

Electronic Mosquito Repeller

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Product Name Electronic Mosquito Repeller
Item No. SM606
Supply Type Sell
Category Home Supplies > Product for Baby > Baby Care Accessories

Detailed Product Description

Multi-Frequency Electronic Mosquito Repeller
Donbaby's mosquito repeller is different from other mosquito repeller which contains an adorable appearance. The main structure with transparent appearance material, increase the esthetic feeling. It can be hang on the babies’ sleeping area to prevent mosquito to come closer to babies while sleeping, and it can also to attract babies visual site. Strong safety structure can also let babies to play with, at the meantime, it can also repeller mosquito to come closer to babies. Simple and easy button design, which can easy to operate.
Main Features:
1. Adopts 5 kHz-22 kHz multi-frequency vibration wave and alternately scans and effectively repels different species of mosquitoes, no harm against human body and no side effect.
2.3 step timing device setting (2h,4h,8h) to save energy and convenient for use. The scattering effect for mosquito can reach 0.5-3 meter.
3. The service life of battery is about 200h.
4. Prevents the infection of dengue and be suitably used for sleeping. Outdoor sports, teatime reading and mountain climbing or exercising.
5. Able to adjust volume.

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