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Automotive Head Up Display

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Automotive Head Up Display

Automotive Head Up Display

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Product Name Automotive Head Up Display
Item No. CL-HUD-011
Supply Type Sell
Category Automobile > Auto Electronics > Head Up Display

Detailed Product Description

Omni-directional automatic clamshell head up display
1.Introduction of HUD
HUD is an abbreviation for “Head- Up Display”, also known as horizontally viewing system, which means you can simply see the display screen by looking up or straight. If the driver needs to  look down to the dashboard when the vehicle is moving at high speed, the reaction time for the driver will be very limited and it may cause serious accident. This happens especially at night. In order to avoid such situation occurred; some high-end vehicles are equipped with the HUD system. The device projects all relevant information onto the front windshield at driver’s eye level. The display position is adjustable and the brightness is adjusted automatically based on the ambient light around the device as well.  Because the driver doesn’t need to look down at the dashboard, the visual time of seeing blind spot is shortened. It is of great value to reduce traffic accidents caused by looking down at the dashboard.

This is a multi-functional product, developed based on the OBD II interface, with the features of stable performance, exquisite appearance, safe application, and convenient installation that anyone can finish the installation and adjustment within 3 minutes. In order to give full play to its all functions, please read the instruction carefully before using the device. In this case, you can enjoy the ride as well as improve the driving pleasure and safety.
2.HUD interface and function instruction
2.1.This product is HUD with OBD II interface, with features of simple installation, "plug and play", and no damage to the circuit of your vehicle.
2.2.Suitable for vehicles of any model with Metric to Imperial freely conversion.
2.3.Vehicle speed and rotational speed are displayed in one screen with convenience and direct viewing features.
2.4.All-digital display, with convenience and direct viewing features.
2.5.Polarizer design to reduce interference of driver's sightline (optional)
2.6.Pushing button contributes to easy operation for users (complete all settings by just one finger)
2.7.Engine Check Reminder: When engine is ignited and the vehicle gets error code, warning light of engine check will stays on.
2.8.Displaying brightness will adjust automatically according to ambient light.
2.9.The HUD will get Protocol Agreement number when you start the car and turn on HUD     device at the first time.
2.10.The battery voltage is shown automatically after engine starts.
2.11.Auto power on & off function: The HUD will turn on and cover automatically lift when engine start and turn off when engine off.
2.12.Flexible flat Cable (Cab 6.0) makes clean layout.
2.13.Distance  traveled  will  be  displayed  before  the shutdown after flameout (Turn off engine)
3.Product Specs
Length:80MM; Width: 50MM; Height:14MM
Operating voltage: OBDⅡ    12V
Maximum operating current: 300MA
Sleeping mode/Standby current:﹤20MA
Operating temperature: -40~85℃

4.Warning function
4.1Overspeed Warning:
The buzzer will “beep“ & Metric/Imperial Unit (KM/H or MPH) will flash when overspeeding. The sound will last for 5 seconds (Default) and it will mute automatically leaving only KM/H or MPH flash.
4.2Engine Check Warning:
The engine check lights on if there is an error code after every ignition. It’s off after the fault is cleared.
4.3Engine temperature Warning:
Engine temperature alert lights on when water temperature is over 110℃【The value is based on the settings on user’s own】
4.4.Battery Voltage Warning:
Battery Voltage alert lights on when battery level is under 11V【The value is based on the settings on user’s own】

Vehicle running at a high speed, especially at night when travelling at high speed, if the driver down to view the instrument display or viewing stereo display, front emergency is possible because there is no enough time to take effective measures and cause an accident. To prevent this from happening, a few models equipped with head-up display  system, the information can be displayed on the front windshield of the driver level range, and the display position, the display brightness is adjustable. head-up display  system is also called the head-up display instrument.
Thanks for purchasing our Automotive Head Up Display, which is abbreviated to HUD, which is short for Head Up Display, with the meaning of "Look-up display device", or "look-at-the-front-horizontally display device". When driving at a high speed, especially at night, the driver may look down at the instrument panel, which may cause accidents if urgent situation occurs right away and no immediate measures can be taken.
Installation by professional personnel is recommended.Mak sure all sensors are well connected before power on the system.
Connecting sensor to powered control box may lead to false alarm.
Keep speeds at less than 6 kms per hour to avoid collision when reversing.
Keep Lower speed should be kept in backing to avoid colliding with obstacles due to inertia.

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