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The right brain development instrument device

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The right brain development instrument device

The right brain development instrument device

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Product Name The right brain development instrument device
Item No. DR-1001
Supply Type Sell
Category Toys > Educational Toy > Creative Toys

Detailed Product Description

This instrument is inspired by principle of αwave. Human cerebrum is mostly active when stimulated byαwave, like spirit concentration, clear thoughts, creative ideas emerging, quickening information collection, and good memory ability. The αwave is the only effective way to open the subconsciousness.   This instrument owns the below ten main features: 1.Eliminate distraction, increase concentration. 2.Fast enhance memory, improve study efficiency. 3. Eliminate intension, strengthen self confidence (MQ), and inspire spirit. 4. Develop cerebrum latent energy (IQ), active right brain, synchronize left and right brain. 5.Inspire creative power, improve imagination force, and increase innovation ability. 6. Relax tension, eliminate fatigue, and keep the cerebrum in the most optimized. 7. Improve sleeping, recover energy, and make study and working more easily. 8. Cultivate right brain, fully improve the intelligence. 9.Adjust personalities (EQ), keep pleasant and vitality. 10. Enhance self control force, effectively stop net-addiction.

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